LayoutShift: hadRecentInput property

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The hadRecentInput read-only property of the LayoutShift interface returns true if lastInputTime is less than 500 milliseconds in the past.

Layout shifts are only a problem if the user is not expecting them, so layout shifts that are the result of user interactions (such as a user expanding a UI element) are often not considered in layout shift metrics. The hadRecentInput property allows you to exclude these shifts.


A boolean returning true if lastInputTime is less than 500 milliseconds in the past; false otherwise.


Ignoring recent user input for layout shift scores

The following example shows how the hadRecentInput property is used to only count layout shifts without recent user input.

const observer = new PerformanceObserver((list) => {
  for (const entry of list.getEntries()) {
    // Count layout shifts without recent user input only
    if (!entry.hadRecentInput) {
      console.log("LayoutShift value:", entry.value);
      if (entry.sources) {
        for (const { node, currentRect, previousRect } of entry.sources)
          console.log("LayoutShift source:", node, {

observer.observe({ type: "layout-shift", buffered: true });


Layout Instability
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