The IntersectionObserverEntry interface of the Intersection Observer API describes the intersection between the target element and its root container at a specific moment of transition. Instances of IntersectionObserverEntry are delivered to an IntersectionObserver callback in its entries parameter; otherwise, these objects can only be obtained by calling IntersectionObserver.takeRecords().


IntersectionObserverEntry.boundingClientRect Read only
Returns the bounds rectangle of the target element as a DOMRectReadOnly. The bounds are computed as described in the documentation for Element.getBoundingClientRect().
IntersectionObserverEntry.intersectionRatio Read only
Returns the ratio of the intersectionRect to the boundingClientRect.
IntersectionObserverEntry.intersectionRect Read only
Returns a DOMRectReadOnly representing the target's visible area.
IntersectionObserverEntry.isIntersecting Read only
A Boolean value which is true if the target element intersects with the intersection observer's root. If this is true, then, the IntersectionObserverEntry describes a transition into a state of intersection; if it's false, then you know the transition is from intersecting to not-intersecting.
IntersectionObserverEntry.rootBounds Read only
Returns a DOMRectReadOnly for the intersection observer's root. Read only
The Element whose intersection with the root changed.
IntersectionObserverEntry.time Read only
A DOMHighResTimeStamp indicating the time at which the intersection was recorded, relative to the IntersectionObserver's time origin.


This interface has no methods.


Specification Status Comment
Intersection Observer
The definition of 'IntersectionObserverEntry' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition

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