HTMLSlotElement: name property

The name property of the HTMLSlotElement interface returns or sets the slot name. A slot is a placeholder inside a web component that users can fill with their own markup.


A string.


The following snippet is taken from our slotchange example (See it live).

let slots = this.shadowRoot.querySelectorAll("slot");
slots[1].addEventListener("slotchange", (e) => {
  let nodes = slots[1].assignedNodes();
    `Element in Slot "${slots[1].name}" changed to "${nodes[0].outerHTML}".`,

Here we grab references to all the slots, then add a slotchange event listener to the 2nd slot in the template — which is the one that keeps having its contents changed in the example.

Every time the element inserted in the slot changes, we log a report to the console saying which slot has changed, and what the new node inside the slot is.


HTML Standard
# dom-slot-name-dev

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