The assignedElements() property of the HTMLSlotElement interface returns a sequence of the elements assigned to this slot (and no other nodes). If the flatten option is set to true, it also returns the assigned elements of any other slots that are descendants of this slot. If no assigned nodes are found, it returns the slot's fallback content.


var assignedElements = HTMLSlotElement.assignedElements(options)


options Optional
An object that sets options for the nodes to be returned. The available options are:
  • flatten: A Boolean indicating whether to return the assigned elements of any available child <slot> elements (true) or not (false). Defaults to false.

Return value

An array of elements.


let slots = this.shadowRoot.querySelector('slot');
let elements = slots.assignedElements({flatten: true});


HTML Standard (HTML)
# dom-slot-assignedelements-dev

Browser compatibility

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