FontFace: ascentOverride property

The ascentOverride property of the FontFace interface returns and sets the ascent metric for the font, the height above the baseline that CSS uses to lay out line boxes in an inline formatting context.

This property is equivalent to the ascent-override descriptor of @font-face.


A string. The possible values are normal, indicating that the metric used should be obtained from the font file, or a percentage.

This property accepts the same values as the ascent-override descriptor.


let fontFace = new FontFace(
  { ascentOverride: "90%" },
console.log(fontFace.ascentOverride); // 90%
fontFace.ascentOverride = "normal";
console.log(fontFace.ascentOverride); // 'normal'


CSS Font Loading Module Level 3
# dom-fontfacedescriptors-ascentoverride

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