The EcKeyImportParams dictionary of the Web Crypto API represents the object that should be passed as the algorithm parameter into SubtleCrypto.importKey() or SubtleCrypto.unwrapKey(), when generating any elliptic-curve-based key pair: that is, when the algorithm is identified as either of ECDSA or ECDH.

Instance properties


A string. This should be set to ECDSA or ECDH, depending on the algorithm you want to use.


A string representing the name of the elliptic curve to use. This may be any of the following names for NIST-approved curves:

  • P-256
  • P-384
  • P-521


See the examples for SubtleCrypto.importKey().


Web Cryptography API
# dfn-EcKeyImportParams

Browser compatibility

Browsers that support the "ECDH" or "ECDSA" algorithms for the SubtleCrypto.importKey() or SubtleCrypto.wrapKey() methods will support this type.

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