A CloseEvent is sent to clients using WebSockets when the connection is closed. This is delivered to the listener indicated by the WebSocket object's onclose attribute.

Event CloseEvent



Creates a new CloseEvent.


This interface also inherits properties from its parent, Event.

CloseEvent.codeRead only

Returns an unsigned short containing the close code sent by the server.

CloseEvent.reasonRead only

Returns a string indicating the reason the server closed the connection. This is specific to the particular server and sub-protocol.

CloseEvent.wasCleanRead only

Returns a boolean value that Indicates whether or not the connection was cleanly closed.


This interface also inherits methods from its parent, Event.

CloseEvent.initCloseEvent() Non-Standard Deprecated

Initializes the value of a CloseEvent created. If the event has already being dispatched, this method does nothing. Do not use this method anymore, use the CloseEvent() constructor instead.


WebSockets Standard
# the-closeevent-interface

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