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The BarcodeDetector() constructor creates a new BarcodeDetector object which detects linear and two-dimensional barcodes in images.


var BarcodeDetector = new BarcodeDetector();


barcodeDetectorOptions Optional

An options object containing a series of BarcodeFormats to search for in the subsequent detect() calls. The options are:


This example creates a new barcode detector object, with specified supported formats and tests for browser compatibility.

// create new detector
var barcodeDetector = new BarcodeDetector({formats: ['code_39', 'codabar', 'ean_13']});

// check compatibility
if (barcodeDetector) {
  console.log('Barcode Detector supported!');
} else {
  console.log('Barcode Detector is not supported by this browser.');


Accelerated Shape Detection in Images
# dom-barcodedetector-barcodedetector

Browser compatibility

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