The BackgroundFetchRecord interface of the Background Fetch API represents an individual request and response.

A BackgroundFetchRecord is created by the BackgroundFetchManager.fetch() method, therefore there is no constructor for this interface.

There will be one BackgroundFetchRecord for each resource requested by fetch().


requestRead only
Returns a Request.
responseReadyRead only
Returns a promise that resolves with a Response.


In this example an individual BackgroundFetchRecord is returned using BackgroundFetchManager.fetch(). The BackgroundFetchRecord.request and BackgroundFetchRecord.responseReady are returned and logged to the console.

bgFetch.match('/ep-5.mp3').then(async (record) => {
  if (!record) {
    console.log('No record found');

  console.log(`Here's the request`, record.request);
  const response = await record.responseReady;
  console.log(`And here's the response`, response);


Specification Status Comment
Background Fetch
The definition of 'BackgroundFetchRecord' in that specification.
Draft Initial definition.

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