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Experimental: This is an experimental technology
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Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The BackgroundFetchRecord interface of the Background Fetch API represents an individual request and response.

A BackgroundFetchRecord is created by the BackgroundFetchRegistration.matchAll() method, therefore there is no constructor for this interface.

There will be one BackgroundFetchRecord for each resource requested by fetch().

Instance properties

request Read only Experimental

Returns a Request.

responseReady Read only Experimental

Returns a promise that resolves with a Response.


In this example an individual BackgroundFetchRecord is returned using BackgroundFetchRegistration.matchAll(). The BackgroundFetchRecord.request and BackgroundFetchRecord.responseReady are returned and logged to the console.

bgFetch.match("/ep-5.mp3").then(async (record) => {
  if (!record) {
    console.log("No record found");

  console.log(`Here's the request`, record.request);
  const response = await record.responseReady;
  console.log(`And here's the response`, response);


Background Fetch
# background-fetch-record-interface

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