Notable bugs fixed in Firefox 3

This article offers a list of important bug fixes offered by Firefox 3 that are not necessarily obvious in the documentation.

  • if an error occurs parsing an overlay, the overlay is not applied. Parse errors are logged to the error console. (bug 335755)
  • bug fixed where <menupopup> elements can be placed inside a binding when attached to a menu or menu-like element. (bug 345896)
  • the button's dlgType property now works properly. (bug 308591)
  • the canBubble argument to event.initEvent now works properly so that events can be fired which don't bubble. (bug 330190)
  • the DOMAttrModified event now handles namespaced attributes properly. (bug 362391)
  • XML processing instructions, such as <?xml-stylesheet ?>, are now added to a XUL document's DOM. This means document.firstChild isn't guaranteed to be the root element, use document.documentElement instead. Also, <?xml-stylesheet ?> and <?xul-overlay ?> processing instructions now have no effect outside the document prolog. (bug 319654)
  • getElementsByAttributeNS() functions have been added to XUL elements and documents. (bug 239976)
  • event listeners are maintained when moving or removing an element from a XUL document. (bug 286619)
  • mutation events are now fired for non-displayed documents. (bug 201236)
  • various issues with elements drawing in the wrong order are fixed. (bug 317375)
  • getElementsByTagName() has been fixed to work correctly on subtrees that have elements with namespace prefixes in their tag names (bug 206053).
  • The DOMNodeInserted and DOMNodeRemoved events now properly apply to the correct nodes (bug 367164).
  • \d, one of special characters in regular expressions, has been fixed to match only Basic Latin alphabet digits (equivalent to [0-9]). (bug 378738)
  • The image-sniffing-services category allows for image decoders implemented as extensions to correctly decode images sent with incorrect mime-types. (bug 391667)
  • Right-clicks on form controls no longer brings up a context menu by default (bug 404536. See Offering a context menu for form controls to learn how to enable this on a case-by-case basis.

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