Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most often about the MDN Curriculum.

General questions

Why doesn't the curriculum include its own learning pathway/content?

Creating a full-fledged learning pathway to take students from nothing to getting their first job is a huge undertaking, and lots of courses exist already to serve this purpose. Also, the most successful courses of today (such as Scrimba) are dynamic multimedia affairs; MDN's core strength is written content.

MDN's main content itself contains most of the content you'd need to become a successful front-end web developer.

We thought it would be a much better use of resources to create a curated, organized list of links to existing MDN pages and partner with existing providers, allowing us to concentrate on other efforts such as certifications and writing further curriculum enhancements.

Why can't the MDN Curriculum just be normal MDN content?

The MDN Curriculum is not suitable for inclusion inside the main MDN content. MDN's core content is contributed to by thousands of community members every year and evolves at a rapid pace. This is suitable as the web platform continues to evolve rapidly.

The curriculum however is a carefully thought-out summary of what we feel is an optimal skillset for a web developer. It therefore needs to evolve carefully, slowly, and deliberately and should be curated by a smaller number of people.

You can still contribute to the curriculum by filing an issue or raising a PR against the curriculum repo.

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