Extensions modules

These "extension" modules constitute useful additional skills to learn as web developers start to expand their knowledge and develop specialisms.

Module list

  1. 1. Transform & animate CSS

    Add animations to your toolbox to enhance user experience and perceived performance.

    Web Standards & Semantics

  2. 2. Custom JS objects

    Create custom JavaScript objects to gain a deeper understanding of object-oriented programming.


  3. 3. Web APIs

    Study common WebAPIs in depth to appreciate how WebAPIs work in general.


  4. 4. Performance

    Explore how to create performant, fast-loading websites and enhance perceived performance.

    Best Practices

  5. 5. Security and privacy

    Learn how to protect data from unauthorized access and how to treat user data responsibly.

    Best Practices

  6. 6. Testing

    Explore the need for testing, and learn how to implement common test types.

    Best Practices

  7. 7. JavaScript frameworks

    Study the features of popular JavaScript frameworks, and use them to implement common use cases.


  8. 8. CSS tooling

    Look at popular CSS tooling and understand what code problems they can solve.


  9. 9. Other tooling types

    Understand the purpose and usage of other tooling types commonly found in a web project.


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