Core modules

The core modules cover topics that we feel every web developer should have a good grounding in. This includes all the information they need to design and build a basic, accessible web app that follows modern best practices, and manage and deploy their code using appropriate tools.

Module list

  1. 1. Web standards

    Understand how the web works at a high level, and the process for creating web technologies.

    Web Standards & Semantics

  2. 2. Semantic HTML

    Learn the fundamentals of HTML, the language used to define and structure web content.

    Web Standards & Semantics

  3. 3. CSS fundamentals

    Dive into the fundamentals of CSS, the language you'll use to style and layout websites.


  4. 4. CSS text styling

    Focus on using CSS to style text and apply custom web fonts.


  5. 5. CSS layout

    Learn modern techniques for creating flexible layouts that work on a wide variety of devices.


  6. 6. JavaScript fundamentals

    Focus on the core JavaScript language and fundamental surrounding topics.


  7. 7. Accessibility

    Understand the need for universal access to web content and how to write accessible code.

    Best Practices

  8. 8. Design for developers

    Appreciate basic design theory, how to speak design language, and what makes websites look good.

    Best Practices

  9. 9. Version control

    Understand why version control is necessary, and use GitHub to store code and collaborate with others.


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