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The ArrayBuffer.isView() 方法当arg是一个ArrayBuffer的视图就返回true, 例如类型化数组对象(typed array objects )或者 一个数据视图(a DataView); 否则返回false.

判断是否为ArrayBuffer的视图类实例,包括 typed array objects(类型化数组对象) 和 a DataView






ArrayBuffer.isView();                    // false              
ArrayBuffer.isView([]);                  // false
ArrayBuffer.isView({});                  // false
ArrayBuffer.isView(null);                // false
ArrayBuffer.isView(undefined);           // false
ArrayBuffer.isView(new ArrayBuffer(10)); // false
ArrayBuffer.isView(new Uint8Array());    // true
ArrayBuffer.isView(new Float32Array());  // true
ArrayBuffer.isView(new Int8Array(10).subarray(0, 3)); // true

var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(2);
var dv = new DataView(buffer);
ArrayBuffer.isView(dv); // true


Specification(说明书) Status(状态) Comment(备注)
Typed Array Specification Obsolete Superseded by ECMAScript 6.
ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition, ECMA-262)
Standard Initial definition in an ECMA standard.

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Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
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Basic support (Yes) (Yes) 29.0 (29) 11 (Yes) (Yes)

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