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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 可扩展矢量绘图,是一种用来描述二维矢量图形的XML 标记语言。 简单地说,SVG面向图形,XHTML面向文本。

SVG与Flash类似,都是用于二维矢量图形,二者的区别在于,SVG是一个W3C标准,基于XML,是开放的,而Flash是封闭的基于二进制格式的。因为都是W3C标准,SVG与其他的W3C标准,比如CSS, DOMSMIL等能够协同工作。


SVG element reference
Get details about each SVG element.
SVG attribute reference
Get details about each SVG attribute.
SVG DOM API reference
Get details about the whole SVG DOM API.
Enhance HTML content
SVG works together with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Use SVG to enhance a regular HTML page or web application.
SVG in Mozilla
Notes and information on how SVG is implemented in Mozilla.

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Animation and interactions

Like HTML, SVG has a document model (DOM), events and is accessible from JavaScript. This allows developers to create rich animations and interactive images.

Mapping, charting, games & 3D experiments

While a little SVG can go a long way to enhanced web content, here are some examples of heavy SVG usage.



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