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Multimedia and embedding





提示: 如果你在电脑/平板电脑/其他设备上不能创建你自己的代码文件,你可以尝试在在线代码编辑网站例如JSBin或者Thimble来运行(大部分的)代码示例。



接下来,我们将看看怎样在我们的页面上用HTML5的 <video><audio>元素来嵌入视频和音频;包括基础,提供向不同的浏览器提供不同文件格式的访问方式,增加标题和副标题,以及增加对过时的浏览器的兼容。
From <object> to <iframe> — other embedding technologies
At this point we'd like to take somewhat of a sideways step, looking at a couple of elements that allow you to embed a wide variety of content types into your webpages: the <iframe><embed> and <object> elements. <iframe>s are for embedding other web pages, and the other two allow you to embed PDFs, SVG, and even Flash — a technology that is on the way out, but which you'll still see semi-regularly.
Adding vector graphics to the Web
Vector graphics can be very useful in certain situations. Unlike regular formats like PNG/JPG, they don't distort/pixellate when zoomed in — they can remain smooth when scaled. This article introduces you to what vector graphics are, and how to include the popular SVG format in web pages.
Responsive images
With so many differerent device types now able to browse the Web — from mobile phones to desktop computers — an essential concept to master in the modern web world is responsive design. This refers to the creation of webpages that can automatically change their features to suit different screen sizes, resolutions, etc. This will be looked at in much more detail in a CSS module later on, but for now we'll look at the tools HTML has available to create responsive images, including the <picture> element.


The following assessments will test your understanding of the HTML basics covered in the guides above.

Mozilla splash page
In this assessment, we'll test your knowledge of some of the techniques discussed in this module's articles, getting you to add some images and video to a funky splash page all about Mozilla!

See also

Add a hitmap on top of an image
Image maps provide a mechanism to make different parts of an image link to different places (think of a map, linking through to further information about each different country you click on.) This technique can sometimes be useful.
Web literacy basics 2

An excellent Mozilla foundation course that explores and tests some of the skills talked about in the Multimedia and embedding module. Dive deeper into the basics of composing webpages, designing for accessibility, sharing resources, using online media, and working open.


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