Это экспериментальная технология
Так как спецификация этой технологии ещё не стабилизировалась, смотрите таблицу совместимости по поводу использования в различных браузерах. Также заметьте, что синтаксис и поведение экспериментальной технологии может измениться в будущих версиях браузеров, вслед за изменениями спецификации.

Интерфейс ServiceWorkerRegistration ссылается на регистрацию Service Worker. Вы можете зарегистрировать Service Worker, чтобы контролировать одну или несколько страниц на одном домене.

The lifetime of a service worker registration is beyond that of the ServiceWorkerRegistration objects that represent them within the lifetime of their corresponding service worker clients. The browser maintains a persistent list of active ServiceWorkerRegistration objects.

Эта функция доступна в Web Workers.


Also implements properties from its parent interface, EventTarget.

ServiceWorkerRegistration.scope Только для чтения
Returns a unique identifier for a service worker registration. This must be on the same origin as the document that registers the ServiceWorker.
ServiceWorkerRegistration.installing Только для чтения
Returns a service worker whose state is installing. This is initially set to null.
ServiceWorkerRegistration.waiting Только для чтения
Returns a service worker whose state is waiting. This is initially set to null. Только для чтения
Returns a service worker whose state is either activating or activated. This is initially set to null. An active worker will control a ServiceWorkerClient if the client's URL falls within the scope of the registration (the scope option set when ServiceWorkerContainer.register is first called.)
ServiceWorkerRegistration.navigationPreload Только для чтения
Returns the instance of NavigationPreloadManager associated with the current service worker registration.
serviceWorkerRegistration.periodicSync Только для чтения
Returns a reference to the PeriodicSyncManager interface, which manages periodic background synchronization processes.
ServiceWorkerRegistration.pushManager Только для чтения
Returns a reference to the PushManager interface for managing push subscriptions including subscribing, getting an active subscription, and accessing push permission status.
ServiceWorkerRegistration.sync  Только для чтения  
Returns a reference to the SyncManager interface, which manages background synchronization processes.

Event handlers

ServiceWorkerRegistration.onupdatefound Только для чтения
An EventListener property called whenever an event of type updatefound is fired; it is fired any time the ServiceWorkerRegistration.installing property acquires a new service worker.


Also implements methods from its parent interface, EventTarget.

Returns a Promise that resolves to an array of Notification objects.
Displays the notification with the requested title.
Checks the server for an updated version of the service worker without consulting caches.
Unregisters the service worker registration and returns a Promise. The service worker will finish any ongoing operations before it is unregistered.


In this example, the code first checks whether the browser supports service workers and if so registers one. Next, it adds and updatefound event in which it uses the service worker registration to listen for further changes to the service worker's state. If the service worker hasn't changed since the last time it was registered, than the updatefound event will not be fired.

if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) {
  .then(function(registration) {
    registration.addEventListener('updatefound', function() {
      // If updatefound is fired, it means that there's
      // a new service worker being installed.
      var installingWorker = registration.installing;
      console.log('A new service worker is being installed:',

      // You can listen for changes to the installing service worker's
      // state via installingWorker.onstatechange
  .catch(function(error) {
    console.log('Service worker registration failed:', error);
} else {
  console.log('Service workers are not supported.');


Спецификация Статус Комментарии
Service Workers
Определение 'ServiceWorkerRegistration' в этой спецификации.
Рабочий черновик Изначальное определение.
Push API
Определение 'PushManager' в этой спецификации.
Рабочий черновик Добавлено свойство pushManager.
Notifications API Живой стандарт Добавлены методы showNotification() и getNotifications().
Web Background Synchronization Живой стандарт Добавлено свойство sync.


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