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Firefox é o navegador da Web popular da Mozilla, disponível em múltiplas plataformas, incluindo o Linux, OS X e Windows para PC e em todos os dispsotivos móveis Android. Com ampla compatibilidade, o mais recente sobre as tecnologias da Web, e ferramentas de desenvolvimento poderosas, o Firefox é uma excelente escolha tanto para os programadores da Web e utilizadores finais.

Firefox is an open source project; much of the code is contributed by our huge community of volunteers. Here you can learn about how to contribute to the Firefox project and you will also find links to information about the construction of Firefox add-ons, using the developer tools in Firefox, and other topics.

Learn how to create add-ons for Firefox, how to develop and build Firefox itself, and how the internals of Firefox and its subprojects work.

  • Developer release notes

    Developer-focused release notes; learn what new capabilities for both Web sites and add-ons arrive in each version of Firefox.

  • Project documentation

    Get detailed information about the internals of Firefox and its build system, so you can find your way around in the code.

  • Developer guide

    Our developer guide provides details on how to get and compile the Firefox source code, how to find your way around, and how to contribute to the project.

Canais do Firefox

O Firefox está disponível em quatro canais.

Firefox Nightly

Each night we build Firefox from the latest code in mozilla-central. These builds are for Firefox developers or those who want to try out the very latest cutting edge features while they're still under active development.

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Edição do Programador do Firefox

This is a version of Firefox tailored for developers. Every six weeks, we take the features in Firefox Nightly that are stable enough and create a new version of Firefox Developer Edition. We also add some extra features for developers that are only available in this channel.

Learn more about Firefox Developer Edition.

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Firefox Beta

After spending six weeks in Firefox Developer Edition, we take the features that are stable enough, and create a new version of Firefox Beta. Firefox Beta builds are for Firefox enthusiasts to test what's destined to become the next released Firefox version.

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After stabilizing for another six weeks in Beta, we're ready to ship the new features to hundreds of millions of users in a new release version of Firefox.

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