Get Timeouts

The Get Timeouts command of the WebDriver API returns the timeouts associated with the current session. The session timeout durations control such behavior as timeouts on script injection, document navigation, and element retrieval.


Method URI template
GET /session/{session id}/timeouts

URL parameters

session id
Identifier of the session.


The response payload is a Timeouts object:

Time in milliseconds to retry the element location strategy when finding an element. This defaults to 0, meaning the strategy is run only once.
Time in milliseconds to wait for the document to finish loading. By default WebDriver will wait five minutes (or 300,000 ms).
Scripts injected with Execute Script or Execute Async Script will run until they hit the script timeout duration, which is also given in milliseconds. The scripts will then be interrupted and a script timeout error will be returned. Defaults to 30 seconds (or 30,000 ms).


Invalid session ID
Session does not exist.


WebDriver - Level 2 (WebDriver 2)
# dfn-get-timeouts

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