Privacy sandbox

Google's privacy sandbox project is a series of proposals to satisfy cross-site use cases without requiring third-party cookies or other tracking mechanisms, preparing for a future web in which third-party cookies have been removed. Themes include identity and tracking protection, more privacy-respecting ad solutions, preventing covert tracking, and safely sharing data across browsing contexts.

Privacy sandbox features

Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS)

Also known as partitioned cookies, CHIPs allows developers to opt a cookie into partitioned storage, with a separate cookie jar per top-level site.

A mechanism for a company to declare relationships between different sites. Supporting browsers will then allow limited third-party cookie access across those sites for specific purposes, via the Storage Access API.

Topics API

Provides a mechanism for developers to implement use cases such as interest-based advertising (IBA) based on topics collected by the browser as the user navigates different pages, rather than collected by the developer by tracking the user's journey around different sites with third-party cookies.

Other topics

Privacy sandbox enrollment

To access certain privacy sandbox features, developers must complete an enrollment process.

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