WakeLockSentinel: released property

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The released read-only property of the WakeLockSentinel interface returns a boolean that indicates whether a WakeLockSentinel has been released.

The WakeLockSentinel is released when the associated platform screen wake lock is revoked; afterwards released will always return true. If a subsequent screen wake lock is required, the application will need to request a new screen wake lock (the current WakeLockSentinel cannot be reused).


A boolean value that is false until the WakeLockSentinel has been released (either through a call to WakeLockSentinel.release() or because the lock has been released automatically) and the release event has been emitted, after which it becomes true and no longer changes.


This example shows how the value of the released property changes within a WakeLockSentinel's life cycle.

const sentinel = await navigator.wakeLock.request("screen");
console.log(sentinel.released); // Logs "false"

sentinel.onrelease = () => {
  console.log(sentinel.released); // Logs "true"

await sentinel.release();


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