VTTCue: VTTCue() constructor

The VTTCue() constructor creates and returns a new VTTCue object.


new VTTCue(startTime, endTime, text)



This is a double representing the initial text track cue start time. This is the time, given in seconds and fractions of a second, denoting the beginning of the range of the media data to which this cue applies. For example, if a cue is to be visible from 50 seconds to a one minute, five and a half seconds in the media's playback, startTime will be 50.0.


This is a double representing the ending time for this text track cue. This is the time at which the cue should stop being presented to the user, given in seconds and fractions thereof. Given the example cue mentioned under startTime, the value of endTime would be 65.5.


A string providing the text that will be shown during the time span indicated by startTime and endTime.

Return value

A new VTTCue object representing a cue which will be presented during the time span given.


// Create a cue that is shown from 2 to 3 seconds and uses the given text.
let cue = new VTTCue(2, 3, "Cool text to be displayed");


WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format
# dom-vttcue-vttcue

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