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The SharedStorageWorkletGlobalScope interface of the Shared Storage API represents the global scope of a SharedStorageWorklet module.

WorkletGlobalScope SharedStorageWorkletGlobalScope

Instance properties

sharedStorage Experimental

Contains an instance of the WorkletSharedStorage object, representing the shared storage for a particular origin as exposed in a worklet context.

Instance methods

register() Experimental

Registers an operation defined inside the current worklet module.


// ab-testing-worklet.js
class SelectURLOperation {
  async run(urls, data) {
    // Read the user's experiment group from shared storage
    const experimentGroup = await this.sharedStorage.get("ab-testing-group");

    // Return the group number
    return experimentGroup;

register("ab-testing", SelectURLOperation);

See the Shared Storage API landing page for a walkthrough of this example and links to other examples.


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