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The PressureRecord interface is part of the Compute Pressure API and describes the pressure trend of a source at a specific moment of transition.

Instance properties

PressureRecord.source Read only Experimental

A string indicating the origin source from which the record is coming.

PressureRecord.state Read only Experimental

A string indicating the pressure state recorded.

PressureRecord.time Read only Experimental

A DOMHighResTimeStamp indicating the timestamp of the record.

Instance methods

PressureRecord.toJSON() Experimental

Returns a JSON representation of the PressureRecord object.


Using the PressureRecord object

In the following example we log the properties of the PressureRecord object in the pressure observer callback.

function callback(records) {
  const lastRecord = records[records.length - 1];
  console.log(`Current pressure is ${lastRecord.state}`);
  console.log(`Current pressure observed at ${lastRecord.time}`);
  console.log(`Current pressure source: ${lastRecord.source}`);

try {
  const observer = new PressureObserver(callback);
  await observer.observe("cpu", {
    sampleInterval: 1000, // 1000ms
} catch (error) {
  // report error setting up the observer


Compute Pressure Level 1
# the-pressurerecord-interface

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