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The NotificationEvent() constructor creates a new NotificationEvent object.


var myNotificationEvent = new NotificationEvent(type, NotificationEventInit);


NotificationEventInit Optional
A dictionary object containing a Notification object to be used as the notification the event is dispatched on. In later drafts of the specification, this parameter is not optional.


var n = new Notification('Hello');
var init = { notification: n };
var myNotificationEvent = new NotificationEvent(type, init);


Specification Status Comment
Notifications API
The definition of 'NotificationEvent()' in that specification.
Living Standard Living standard.

Browser Compatibility

FeatureChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafari
Basic support42 Yes441 ?37 ?
FeatureAndroid webviewChrome for AndroidEdge mobileFirefox for AndroidOpera AndroidiOS SafariSamsung Internet
Basic support No42 ?4437 ? ?

1. Service workers (and Push) have been disabled in the Firefox 45 and 52 Extended Support Releases (ESR).

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