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The serialNumber property of the NDEFReadingEvent interface returns the serial number of the device, which is used for anti-collision and identification, or an empty string if no serial number is available.


let aserialNumber = NDEFReadingEvent.serialNumber;


A string containing the device's serial number.


This example shows how to create a convenience function that reads a single tag and then stops polling, saving battery life by cutting unneeded work. The example could easily be extended to time out after a given amount of milliseconds.

const ndefReader = new NDEFReader();

  function read() {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      const ctlr = new AbortController();
      ctlr.signal.onabort = reject;
      ndefReader.addEventListener("reading", event => {
      }, { once: true });
      ndefReader.scan({ signal: ctlr.signal }).catch(err => reject(err));

  read().then(({ serialNumber }) => {


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