Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The NDEFMessage() constructor creates a new NDEFMessage object, initialized with the given NDEF records.


new NDEFMessage(records);



An array of objects with the following members:

data Optional

Contains the data to be transmitted; one of a string, a BufferSource, or an array of nested records.

encoding Optional

A string specifying the record's encoding.

id Optional

A developer-defined identifier for the record.

lang Optional

A valid BCP47 language tag.

mediaType Optional

A valid MIME type.


A string indicating the type of data stored in data. It must be one of the following values:


An absolute URL to the data.


An empty NDEFRecord.


A valid MIME type.


A smart poster as defined by the NDEF-SMARTPOSTER specification.


Text as defined by the NDEF-TEXT specification.


The record type is not known.


A URL as defined by the NDEF-URI specification.


No specification found

No specification data found for api.NDEFMessage.NDEFMessage.
Check for problems with this page or contribute a missing spec_url to mdn/browser-compat-data. Also make sure the specification is included in w3c/browser-specs.

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