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The ClipboardEvent() constructor returns a newly created ClipboardEvent, representing an event providing information related to modification of the clipboard, that is cut, copy, and paste events.


var clipboardEvent = new ClipboardEvent(type[, options]);


The ClipboardEvent() constructor also inherits arguments from Event().


Is a DOMString representing the name of the type of the ClipboardEvent. It is case-sensitive and can be: 'copy', 'cut', or 'paste'.

options Optional

Options are as follows:

  • clipboardData: A DataTransfer containing the data concerned by the clipboard event.
  • dataType : A DOMString containing the MIME-type of the data contained in the data argument.
  • data : A DOMString containing the data concerned by the clipboard event.


Clipboard API and events
# dom-clipboardevent-clipboardevent

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