Templates in Firefox 3

Templates have been significantly improved in Firefox 3. The key improvement allows the use of custom query processors to handle other types of datasources besides RDF. A new query syntax makes this possible. Built-in support for SQL (mozStorage) and XML datasources is also provided. A full description of the new features available for templates is available. (Firefox bug 285631)

Other template improvements

  • Relational conditions have been added to allow for more precise control over what results match a rule. This allows, for example, matching of results that start or end with certain strings, or that are before or after other values.
  • A flag, dont-recurse, has been added to prevent recursion from happening such that only one level of results are generated
  • APIs have been added to the template builder to retrieve a result object representing an output item.
  • The XUL sort service is more robust and sorts both content and non-content trees better. It also allows sorting of non-template built content. (Firefox bug 335122)

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