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MediaStream处理API(通常被称为媒体流API或流API)是描述音频或视频数据流的WebRTC的一部分,处理它们的方法,与数据类型相关的约束,成功和错误 当异步使用数据时的回调以及在处理期间触发的事件。


这个API是基于操纵一个 MediaStream 对象代表音频或视频相关数据的流量。 通常一个 MediaStream是作为一个简单的URL string 它可以用来引用存储在DOM中的数据 File, 或者一个 Blob 对象建立 window.URL.createObjectURL(), 如视频所描述的

A MediaStream consists of zero or more MediaStreamTrack objects, representing various audio or video tracks. Each MediaStreamTrack may have one or more channels. The channel represents the smallest unit of a media stream, such as an audio signal associated with a given speaker, like left or right in a stereo audio track.

MediaStream objects have a single input and a single output. A MediaStream object generated by getUserMedia() is called local, and has as its source input one of the user's cameras or microphones. A non-local MediaStream may be representing to a media element, like <video> or <audio>, a stream originating over the network, and obtained via the WebRTC PeerConnection API, or a stream created using the Web Audio API MediaStreamAudioSourceNode.   The output of the MediaStream object is linked to a consumer. It can be a media elements, like <audio> or <video>,  the WebRTC PeerConnection API or a Web Audio API MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode.



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Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera  Safari (WebKit)
Stream API  21webkit  nightly 18moz  ?  12 ? 
Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Stream API  未实现  ? ?  未实现  未实现 

Currently using WebRTC for accessing the camera is supported in Chrome, Opera and Firefox Nightly 18. Enabling WebRTC in Firefox Nightly requires you to set a flag in the configuration:

  • Type "about:config" in the address bar and say yes that you want to make changes
  • Find the "media.navigator.enabled" entry and set it to true

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