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  • Developer Edition 41: View source in a tab, screenshot elements, HAR files, and more

    When we introduced the new Performance tools a few weeks ago, we also talked about how the Firefox Dev Tools team had spent a lot of time focusing on user feedback and what we call ‘polish’ bugs – things reported via our UserVoice feedback channel and Bugzilla. Even though the ...

  • Compacting Garbage Collection in SpiderMonkey

    Overview Compacting is a new feature of our garbage collector, released in Firefox 38, that allows us to reduce external fragmentation in the JavaScript heap. The aim is to use less memory in general and to be able to recover from more out-of-memory situations. So far, we have only implemented ...

  • How fast are web workers?

    The next version of Firefox OS, the mobile operating system, will unleash the power of devices by taking full advantage of their multi-core processors. Classically, JavaScript has been executed on a single thread, but web workers offer a way to execute code in parallel. Doing so frees the browser of ...

  • Streaming media on demand with Media Source Extensions

    Introducing MSE Media Source Extensions (MSE) is a new addition to the Web APIs available in all major browsers. This API allows for things like adaptive bitrate streaming of video directly in our browser, free of plugins. Where previously we may have used proprietary solutions like RTSP (Real Time Streaming ...

  • Trainspotting: Firefox 39

    Trainspotting is a series of articles highlighting features in the lastest version of Firefox. A new version of Firefox is shipped every six weeks – we at Mozilla call this pattern “release trains.” A new version of Firefox is here, and with it come some great improvements and additions to ...

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