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  • 9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid

    CSS Grid is groundbreaking new technology for web design. In her newest Layout Land video, Jen Simmons explains the 9 Biggest Mistakes people are making as they adopt this new technology, with advice and tips for avoiding pitfalls and breaking old habits.

  • 360° Images on the Web, the Easy Way

    One of the most popular uses for VR today is 360° images and video. These are easy to discover and share online, and you don’t need to learn any new interactions to explore the 360° experience. But building 360° views is not as easy as exploring them. In this post, ...

  • MDN Changelog for June 2018

    Our monthly changelog documents what happened in June to the code, data, and tools that support MDN Web Docs site. The team shipped 100+ HTML interactive examples in June. They additional shipped tweaks and fixes by merging 252 pull requests, including 32 pull requests from 26 new contributors. Finally, the ...

  • Dark Theme Darkening: Better Theming for Firefox Quantum

    A team of computer science students from Michigan State University's capstone program went to work on Firefox Quantum’s Theming API. Their goal: Expand upon the existing “lightweight” Theming API in Quantum to allow for more areas of customization. Themes had the ability to alter the appearance of the default toolbars, ...

  • AV1: next generation video – The Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter

    AV1 is a new general-purpose video codec developed by the Alliance for Open Media. The alliance began development of the new codec using Google’s VPX codecs, Cisco’s Thor codec, and Mozilla’s/Xiph.Org’s Daala codec as a starting point. AV1 leapfrogs the performance of VP9 and HEVC, making it a next-next-generation codec. ...

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