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  • A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — Fyrd

    In recent posts, we’ve explained why it’s important to make the web work for everyone. We’ve spoken with several top web developers about how they do that. And in between, we’ve shown how browser makers can advance compatibility by adopting living standards. Today we’ll show how a single individual can ...

  • Firefox 49 fixes sites designed with WebKit in mind, and more

    Several recent articles on the Hacks blog explain why web developers should care about cross-browser compatibility and how great web developers achieve it. Web developers have a critical role in making the web work for everyone. And so do browser makers. As of today we’re introducing a number of compatibility ...

  • A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — David Walsh

    We’ve heard now from Rachel Andrew, Chris Coyier, and Belén Albeza. Each of these great web developers offered ideas for accomplishing cross-browser compatibility. The fourth interviewee in our web-compatibility interview series brings some new tools to the table. David Walsh (@davidwalshblog) taught himself HTML, CSS and JavaScript at a young ...

  • Introducing debugger.html

    debugger.html is a modern JavaScript debugger from Mozilla, built as a web application with React and Redux. This project was started early this year in an effort to replace the current debugger within the Firefox Developer Tools. Also, we wanted to make a debugger capable of debugging multiple targets and ...

  • Vaulting Out of Walled Gardens with Fancy Links

    Have you ever noticed that in Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest some links are displayed quite fancily, with preview images, descriptive text summaries and other information? These links are fancy because of metadata in the source code of the web page itself, implemented specifically for the rich display of links ...

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