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  • Testing Firefox more efficiently with machine learning

    A browser is an enormously complex piece of software, and it's always in development. About a year ago, we asked ourselves: how could we do better? Our CI relied heavily on human intervention. What if we could instead correlate patches to tests using historical regression data? Could we use a 鈥

  • Adding prefers-contrast to Firefox

    When we talk about the contrast of a page, or contrast between web elements, we鈥檙e assessing how color choices impact readability. For visitors with low vision, web pages with low or insufficient contrast can be hard to use. In this article, we鈥檒l walk through the design and implementation of the 鈥

  • Securing Gamepad API

    As part of Mozilla鈥檚 ongoing commitment to improve the privacy and security of the web platform, over the next few months, we will be making some changes to the Gamepad API. Starting with Firefox 81, the Gamepad API will be restricted to what are known as 鈥渟ecure contexts.鈥 The post 鈥

  • New in Firefox 78: DevTools improvements, new regex engine, and abundant web platform updates

    Firefox 78 heads heads out the door with a new regex engine, updates to the ECMAScript Intl API, new CSS selectors, enhanced support for WebAssembly, some important WebExtensions API updates, and many improvements to the Firefox Developer Tools. The post New in Firefox 78: DevTools improvements, new regex engine, and 鈥

  • Mozilla WebThings Gateway Kit by OKdo

    Mozilla WebThings Gateway is an open source software distribution focused on privacy, security, and interoperability. It provides a web-based user interface to monitor and control smart home devices over the web. OKdo, a UK vendor offerings IoT technology for hobbyists, educators, and entrepreneurs, has announced the release of the WebThings 鈥

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