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  • Show your support for Firefox with new badges

    If you use Firefox and want to show your support, we've made a collection of badges you can add to your website. Whether you're passionate about Mozilla's mission, or just think Firefox is a kick-ass product, we'd love your help in spreading the word. The post Show your support for ...

  • Payments, accessibility, and dead macros: MDN Changelog for September 2018

    Changes and updates to the code, data, and tools that support MDN Web Docs. In September, the team launched MDN payments, improved MDN’s accessibility resources, and removed 15% of KumaScript macros. The team also shipped tweaks and fixes by merging 379 pull requests, including 66 pull requests from 38 new ...

  • Home Monitoring with Things Gateway 0.6

    The latest version of the Things Gateway rolling out today comes with new home monitoring features that let you directly monitor your home over the web, without a middleman. That means no monthly fees, your private data stays in your home by default, and you can choose from a variety ...

  • Calls between JavaScript and WebAssembly are finally fast 🎉

    At Mozilla, we want WebAssembly to be as fast as it can be. This started with its design, which gives it great throughput. Then we improved load times with a streaming baseline compiler. With this, we compile code faster than it comes over the network. Now, in the latest version ...

  • A New Way to Support MDN

    MDN’s user base has grown exponentially in the last few years, so we are seeking support from our users to help accelerate content and platform development. The post A New Way to Support MDN appeared first on Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog.

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