DeviceMotionEvent: acceleration property

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The acceleration read-only property of the DeviceMotionEvent interface returns the amount of acceleration recorded by the device, in meters per second squared (m/s²). The acceleration value does not include the effect of the gravity force, in contrast to DeviceMotionEvent.accelerationIncludingGravity.

Note: If the hardware doesn't know how to remove gravity from the acceleration data, this value may not be present in the DeviceMotionEvent. In this situation, you'll need to use DeviceMotionEvent.accelerationIncludingGravity instead.


The acceleration property is an object providing information about acceleration on three axis. Each axis is represented with its own property:


Represents the acceleration upon the x axis which is the west to east axis


Represents the acceleration upon the y axis which is the south to north axis


Represents the acceleration upon the z axis which is the down to up axis


DeviceOrientation Event Specification
# ref-for-dom-devicemotionevent-acceleration③

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