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The MIDIAccess interface of the Web MIDI API provides methods for listing MIDI input and output devices, and obtaining access to those devices.


MIDIAccess.inputs Read only
Returns an instance of MIDIInputMap which provides access to any available MIDI input ports.
MIDIAccess.outputs Read only
Returns an instance of MIDIOutputMap which provides access to any available MIDI output ports.
MIDIAccess.sysexEnabled Read only
A boolean attribute indicating whether system exclusive support is enabled on the current MIDIAccess instance.

Event Handlers

Called whenever a new MIDI port is added or an existing port changes state.


  .then(function(access) {

     // Get lists of available MIDI controllers
     const inputs = access.inputs.values();
     const outputs = access.outputs.values();

     access.onstatechange = function(e) {

       // Print information about the (dis)connected MIDI controller
       console.log(e.port.name, e.port.manufacturer, e.port.state);


Specification Status Comment
Web MIDI API Working Draft Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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