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The ContentIndexEvent() constructor creates a new ContentIndexEvent object whose type and other options are configured as specified.


var ContentIndexEvent = new ContentIndexEvent(type, ContentIndexEventInit);


A DOMString indicating the event which occurred. For ContentIndexEvent, this is always delete.
eventInitDict Optional
An options object containing any initialization data you want to populate the ContentIndexEvent object with. The options are:
  • id: The id of the indexed content you want the ContentIndexEvent to remove.

Return value

A ContentIndexEvent object configured using the given inputs.


This examples constructs a new ContentIndexEvent with the relevant id.

var removeData = {
  id : 'unique-content-id'

var ciEvent = new ContentIndexEvent('contentdelete', removeData);; // should return 'unique-content-id'


Specification Status Comment
Content Index API
The definition of 'ContentIndexEvent' in that specification.
Editor's Draft Initial definition.

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