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  • The whole web at maximum FPS: How WebRender gets rid of jank

    The Firefox Quantum release is getting close. It brings many performance improvements, including the super fast CSS engine that we brought over from Servo. But there’s another big piece of Servo technology that’s not in Firefox Quantum quite yet, though it’s coming soon. That’s WebRender, which is being added to ...

  • Firefox 56: Last Stop before Quantum

    Here at Mozilla, we’re extremely excited about next month’s release of Firefox Quantum, with massive speed improvements, a brand new UI, and many Developer Tools upgrades -- available now in Developer Edition. But last week's general release of Firefox 56 features good news for developers now - including "headless mode" ...

  • An overview of Containers for add-on developers

    Containers work by giving users the ability to place barriers on the flow of data across sites by isolating cookies, indexedDB, localStorage, and caches within discrete browsing contexts. This in-depth introduction to Containers and Container extensions explores the capabilities of Containers and contextual identity for developers.

  • Multi-user experiences with A-Frame

    Salva de la Puente describes the sharedspace component he's built, which brings the power of WebRTC to A-Frame users. The component provides a collaboration model where participants can join or leave a named space, share audio and state, and send JSON-serializable objects to other peers. Check it out!

  • RNNoise: Using Deep Learning for Noise Suppression

    The Mozilla Research RRNoise project shows how to apply deep learning to noise suppression. It combines classic signal processing with deep learning, but it’s small and fast. No expensive GPUs required — it runs easily on a Raspberry Pi. The result is easier to tune and sounds better than traditional ...

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