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The PushManager interface of the Push API provides a way to receive notifications from third-party servers as well as request URLs for push notifications.

This interface is accessed via the ServiceWorkerRegistration.pushManager (en-US) property.

Note: This interface replaces functionality previously offered by the obsolete PushRegistrationManager interface.




PushManager.getSubscription() (en-US)
Retrieves an existing push subscription. It returns a Promise that resolves to a PushSubscription (en-US) object containing details of an existing subscription. If no existing subscription exists, this resolves to a null value.
PushManager.permissionState() (en-US)
Returns a Promise that resolves to the permission state of the current PushManager, which will be one of 'granted', 'denied', or 'prompt'.
Subscribes to a push service. It returns a Promise that resolves to a PushSubscription (en-US) object containing details of a push subscription. A new push subscription is created if the current service worker does not have an existing subscription.

Deprecated methods

PushManager.hasPermission() (en-US) Deprecated
Returns a Promise that resolves to the PushPermissionStatus of the requesting webapp, which will be one of granted, denied, or default. Replaced by PushManager.permissionState() (en-US).
PushManager.register() (en-US) Deprecated
Subscribes to a push subscription. Replaced by PushManager.subscribe().
PushManager.registrations() (en-US) Deprecated
Retrieves existing push subscriptions. Replaced by PushManager.getSubscription() (en-US).
PushManager.unregister() (en-US) Deprecated
Unregisters and deletes a specified subscription endpoint. In the updated API, a subscription is unregistered by calling the PushSubscription.unsubscribe() (en-US) method.


this.onpush = function(event) {
  // From here we can write the data to IndexedDB, send it to any open
  // windows, display a notification, etc.

  function(serviceWorkerRegistration) {
      function(pushSubscription) {
        // The push subscription details needed by the application
        // server are now available, and can be sent to it using,
        // for example, an XMLHttpRequest.
      }, function(error) {
        // During development it often helps to log errors to the
        // console. In a production environment it might make sense to
        // also report information about errors back to the
        // application server.


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