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PaymentAddress 接口的 sortingCode 只读属性返回一个包含邮政排序代码的字符串 such as is used in France.


var paymentSortingCode = PaymentAddress.sortingCode;


In the example below, the various properties of the PaymentAddress object are retrieved into individual variables for later use, with the exception of the addressLine array property, which is copied into another array.

var pmtcountry =;
var pmtaddress = PaymentAddress.addressLine.slice(0);
var pmtregion = PaymentAddress.region;
var pmtcity =;
var pmtdeploc = PaymentAddress.dependentLocality;
var pmtpostal = PaymentAddress.postalCode;
var pmtsorting = PaymentAddress.sortingCode;
var pmtlang = PaymentAddress.languageCode;
var pmtorg = PaymentAddress.organization;
var pmtrecip = PaymentAddress.recipient;
var pmtcareof = PaymentAddress.careOf;
var pmtphone =;


Specification Status Comment
Payment Request API
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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