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Writerrific is an HTML5 webapp that allows you to write Markdown anywhere. It processes text with a specific syntax called Markdown to beautiful rich text, even offline. It's one of the best browser based writing tools ever.

It's fully optimized for use on your favorite mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. I kept the interface as minimal as possible. But for people who don't yet know Markdown there are a couple of pre-made snippets, they're accessible through the "Writerrific"-menu.

For people who want to share their writings I added e-mail sharing accessible through the "Writerrific"-menu as well. There also is a "Distraction Free"-mode which allows you to use the app in fullscreen on your desktop.

The thing I really want from a Markdown app is the previewing of your content. Thanks to the great JS.Markdown.Converter by Inxo (https://github.com/Inxo/JS.Markdown.Converter/blob/master/Markdown.Converter.js), Writerrific has a full Markdown Preview mode.

Writerrific also uses Bootswatch for its awesome yet minimal look-and-feel.

So why not "Start the Demo" and write something incredible?


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  1. dtex disse,

    Neato, would love to see code and preview side-by-side.
  2. laurensdebackere disse,

    Thanks, I decided not to add side by side previews since it would cause too much clutter. But I always appreciate feedback. The official Firefox OS app will support this though.

  3. greg disse,

    This app annoyed me enough to register to comment here.

    First... "best" markdown editor? I don't understand - all it is is a massive text box with a variable-width font, making it not as good as a standard HTML textbox seeing as markdown is designed for use with fixed width fonts.

    Second... the controls suck. Impossible to navigate without mouse.

    Third... jQuery? Really? For a plain text editor???

  4. laurensdebackere disse,


    First of all before you leave these kind of comments on a place like MDN, where constructive feedback matters! (Read the Comments above) Try the app decently, it's not "just a text-box", it incorporates a full Markdown preview mode (just check out the Writerrific-dropdown (click on the Writerrific-text)) that's why we use jQuery, you can check out the full logic behind the app by downloading the source. The Markdown preview mode cannot be done without jQuery, other features we provide are frequently used Markdown Snippets as well as a Markdown getting started guide. The app perfectly works on iOS (iPad and iPhone, which I use on a daily basis), you should just click on the "Markdown"-dropdown.

    So simply check the full app out, and in the future give constructive feedback before you start breaking down my app which other people actually love. We even launched a Firefox OS app which has been downloaded over 750 times just in the last week.

  5. laurensdebackere disse,

    It might also be handy to check out the jQuery wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JQuery

    I hope you can now decently use the app.

  6. mohu disse,

    Nice concept!!! Very interesting.

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