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3d Places

Discover places around you in 3d with this Gyro-controlled App

利用技術: Geolocation, HTML5, モバイル, デバイス, マルチタッチ,

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This experiment lets you discover places around you in a 3d Virtual Reality World. Using the Geolocation API and your current location the App displays places (Restaurant, Clothing Stores & Café) around you. All you have to do is hold your device and explore your city in a whole new way. To add more depth to the VR-World there is also a Parallax Background (Clouds). If you experience some crashes try to deactive the parallax effect by adding "?parallaxbg=false" to the URL.
Tested with Iphone 4s, Ipad2 (iOS 5.0.1)

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  1. netconstructor によるコメント

    curious to know what your using on the backend database here. Looked into the new Postgis 2.0 3D storage capabilities?


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This demo is released under the GPL license.