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Interactive Physics: Simple Harmonic Motion on HTML5 Canvas

A ball attached to a spring shows simple harmonic motion - SHM

Gebouwd met behulp van JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3

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The animation is created on HTML5 Canvas without the use of any external images: the ball is made using context.arc() method and context.createRadialGradient() methods.

Math.sin object is used to produce the animation effect.

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  1. Darbicus zei:

    It doesn't work right. Aside from the bouncing not being based on the direction that the spring is at which you can fix with some trig, the speed of the animation is incremental when you don't hit stop before clicking to start another speed.
  2. Vivax-Solutions zei:

    Hi Darbicus,

    Thank you for visiting - and of course the comment too.

    The instructions are very clear on the animation asking to stop before choosing a new speed. Otherwise, the animation may play up!

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