Layer Synthesis Device

Collaborative Live Video Remixing Machine

Creata utilizzando Multi-touch, Video, Canvas, Mobile, WebGL,

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Layer Synthesis Device is a collaborative VJ app. You can make your own video remix by mixing layers of videos and images together and applying shader effects to the layers. The effects can be controlled by multitouch - each finger controls a different layer's effects.

It can be used as a large-scale video installation or even as live video performance software at concerts and shows. It brings the audience together by allowing them to manipulate the large video projection with their smartphones. Anyone can log on to geolocated screens near them with their web browser and change video clips or GIF animations as well as mix the different layers of videos together. Any changes they make are updated in real-time on the publicly projected screen as well as everyone else’s phone’s screen.

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    To get this to work in Chrome, click "Launch Demo", then change the URL in the address bar from "https://" to "http://"

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