Browser based chess engine with CSS animation

Built using JavaScript, CSS3, Fonts & Type,


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This demo is based on Douglas Bagnall's javascript chess game written for the 5k competition in 2002 ( Use of unicode was inspired by Antony Lesuisse's version of the game (2005). Animation added by Yehuda B. (2011)

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  1. skylamer said,

    and if its not secret, where are the css animations in thiz demo? :)
  2. yehudab said,

    Due to the huge number of combinations, I could not program each complete move (e.g. b5xc7 e8-f8) as a single keyframe animation sequence. What I did is define CSS transitions, which I activate either using CSS transition-delay or using Javascript. Javascript timeouts are only used if a piece is captured, or in autplay to allow the viewer to follow the moves. In any case, Javascript does not control the pixel-by-pixel movements of each piece.
  3. richardpd said,

    I played this twice and found it doesn't support capturing enpassant properly.
    This is a shame as it has lots of potential & I would have liked to have added it to a website but cannot do so in it's present state. Does it support all other chess rules fully? I would need to play more games with it to find out. Anyway It would be great if it did! (otherwise not so useful-but maybe not too hard for someone to add JS code to fully implement chess rules? Anyone interested in doing this?)
    However interesting nice attempt at animated JScript chess game.

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