Simple, powerful HTML5 calculator with three modes.

Built using HTML5, CSS3, Mobile, Offline Support, Multi-touch


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Ubercalc is an HTML5 calculator with a clean interface, yet including many features. There are three modes: basic, when simple operations do the trick; scientific, with functions and constants, and statistics, allowing to add elements to a memory and get variables such as the average or standard deviation.

It has offline support and is available as a Mozilla Web App: open it with a compatible browser (recent versions of Firefox for Desktop, Android & Firefox OS!) and you'll be able to install it. It also adapts to different screen sizes: on the desktop, it gives you space and it works down to small smartphones, hiding extra buttons with CSS animations.

You can swipe to change tabs, or you can click the corresponding tab. Related functions are grouped and can be used by long clicking. The same goes for constants in scientific mode or getting the previous results (saved across sessions). If you want to delete all the current input, you can also long click instead of going one by one.

(For developers: I didn't like the swiping or toast libraries I found [too heavy or with jQuery: I wanted the application to be lightweight], so I created simple ones. They are included in the source which, by the way, is open source and available at https://github.com/jcreus/ubercalc . It uses require.js and for performance reasons only the compiled.js file is loaded, you can still access the rest of the files and recompile with build.js.)

UPDATE 13/4/2013: The Mozilla Web App feature only works when cloned and hosted locally. It worked until now but previous zips were removed, and a web app requires an URL (it cannot self-reference, the URL is random). Sorry!

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This demo is released under the MPL/GPL/LGPL license.

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