Pop Up Card Builder

3D pop-up card design tool

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Drag and Drop, WebGL, Offline Support


More About This Demo From The Author

- https://www.facebook.com/caa1211

- https://github.com/caa1211/webOAcard

Porting from OpenGL version:
- http://youtu.be/MlV4Qf1-l4E

Mouse Operations:

Edit mode (init state / edit grid open)
- left key : add points on edit grid to create a contour
- right key : switch to Display mode
- scroll : change depth of edit grid

Contour editing
- left key : add points or close contour (connect to the start point or pressctrl key )
- right key : undo the last point

Contour closed (can use contour functions in GUI)
- left key : use contour to create a Face/Pull/Hole (select from GUI)
- right key : drag to move the contour
- scroll : change the depth of edit grid

Display mode (close edit grid)
- left key : move the camera
- right key : switch to Edit mode (open edit grid)
- scroll : change the card angle


編輯模式 (初始模式/編輯格開啟):
 左鍵 圈選輪廓
 右鍵 切換至展示模式
 滾輪 移動編輯格深度

 左鍵 點選輪廓或完成輪廓 (連接起點或按ctrl鍵)
 右鍵 輪廓回上一步

輪廓完成時 (可使用GUI中contour功能)
 左鍵 建立Face/Pull/Hole (由GUI選擇)
 右鍵 拖拉移動輪廓
 滾輪 移動編輯格深度

展示模式 (編輯格關閉)
 左鍵 拖拉移動攝影機
 右鍵 進入編輯模式 (開啟編輯格)
 滾輪 改變卡片角度

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