Quickly locate important places nearby and get directions to them

Built using Geolocation, JavaScript, HTML5, Mobile, Multi-touch,


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Uses Geolocation, jQuery Mobile, and Google places to get a list of specified places in your vicinity based on a type you select. Lists address info, and ratings as well as marks places on a map. Upon selecting a specific place you will be given a map with directions and a link to easily call that place. Optimized for mobile and desktop using css media queries.

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  1. FrViPofm said,

    A pity INeeadA... doesn't use a free database and a free map as OpenStreetMap.
  2. rigel said,

    ıts not workıng for all categories.Just atm,hotel working good hospital sometımes workı type in html,what can I change with it ? for hotel -> lodging and atm --> atm ant the me..

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