Take a snapshot from your webcam and give it retro filters

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, Video


More About This Demo From The Author

The name comes from the contest idea. GUM is short getUserMedia and gram, well it's like a popular photo app that may have inspired the idea. Ideally I'd have liked to use the CSS3 filters but they aren't quite cross browser yet, so using some math I directly manipulate the pixel values.

Black and White - average of RGB per pixel
Blue Shift - swap the Red Values and Blue Values i.e. RGB => BGR
Hulk and Retro - Attempt to Hue Rotate from RGB, found an algorithm to Swap though YIQ space, read more here
Sepia - Found a matrix of values online and adjusted RGB values. Similiar to Hulk and Retro, but less math.
Solarized - Invert the colors. Since colors fall between 0 - 255 you have to transform around 127

Basic video code was stood up around MDN getUserMedia tutorial. I've added jQuery (preference), and a bit if image processing.