A playable rubiks's cube implementation

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,


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This is tiny implementation of rubiks's cube with 3D CSS. Each turn is done by only changing a class on the cube. Javascript is used to maintain the state of the cube and to handle events.

I could have avoided the use of jQuery with a little more time but I have a family...
I also used coffescript to generate the javascript.

It is possible to control the cube with the mouse. Swipe outside the cube to turn it of swipe inside the cube to make turns.
It is also possible to control the cube with keyboard : try F, R, E, D, S and J, U, I, K, L plus direction keys.

I know it lacks bells and whistles but... Thats all I could do with my available time...

I tested it on firefox, and chromium and all the prefixes are here.

Hope you like it!

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This demo is released under the GPL license.